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Draft Compensation

While searching the Internet for something, ANYTHING Colts-related, I came across this article by the Football Guru Master, Mr. John Clayton. You haven't seen me freaked out about the Colts draft, or their lack of movement in free agency, because the Colts are going to get several draft picks before the draft because of compensation. Last season, the Colts lost Edgerrin James and David Thornton to free agency. This means these two loses will net the Colts two potential 3rd round picks. James, because of his salary and production in Arizona, might net the Colts a 2nd round pick. Nice! The Guru Master explains:

The Colts should get four draft choices, too. They signed kicker Adam Vinatieri but they lost Mike Vanderjagt. After that net exchange of kickers, the Colts lost four other free agents. Giving up a second-round pick this past season for defensive tackle Anthony McFarland might have seemed like a steep price to pay. But the Colts had the luxury of making that move because they knew they had extra draft choices coming.

So, fear not Colts fans. The Colts will potentially get 4 additional draft choices. That's why all this mock drafting crap right now is pointless.

Speaking of mock drafts, SB Nation is conducting a mock draft a few days before the actual draft. I like the timing of this because anything can happen between now and then. Waiting until the last minute will make our mock draft a little more precise. Already, saint at Silver and Black Pride wants JaMarcus Russell, QB from LSU. Again, Russell is a fine player, but he is an inferior QB to Brady Quinn. Quinn may fall to Minnesota, which should make Gonzo happy. If Minnesota gets Quinn, they could be a playoff team in 2008.

Who will the Colts draft? I'm still mulling it. I know one thing: They will not draft a linebacker or a DT in the first round.