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Harper acts like a jerk in Thumbtac Land

Ok, I now feel a little better about Harper going elsewhere:

"I don't think I was ever appreciated by the Colts,'' Harper told [SI's Peter King] the other night. "For whatever reason, they were always bringing in guys to replace me, and I wasn't going to let anyone beat me out. It fueled my fire every year.''
I know. Shocking, isn't it, that the Colts would make Nick Harper compete for his job. The gall. How dare they make him prove his worth! How dare they make him compete!

Again, I now feel better that he's gone. Players that whine about having to prove themselves are worthless players best left for another team to deal with. I suppose it never occurred to Harper that the reason he was good was because he had to consistently compete for his job. That having guys like Marlin Jackson, Kelvin Hayden, and Tim Jennings breathing down his neck actually made him a better player.

But I'm sure such notions are lost to Harper. Of course Harper was appreciated. If the Colts didn't want him, they would have cut him. His cap hit was nothing. However, they weren't going to let him sit on his ass and collect a check. He had to earn it. And the reason for letting him sign with another team had more to do with age than anything else. Harper is 32, and the Colts did not draft players like Marlin Jackson to ride the bench. It's a business. Now, Harper's crying disrespect.

That loud thump is the door hitting Harper's butt on the way out. I look forward to seeing this often when Marvin lines up opposite Harper in 2007: