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The Jets are shopping Vilma

For those of you clammering for the Colts to get some help at linebacker, here's some news: The Jets are shopping linebacker Jonathan Vilma, and are rumored to have a deal in place to ship him to Washington for Ladell Betts. Why are the Jets doing this? Well, it seems Vilma doesn't fit their scheme on defense. I find that very hard to believe, considering Vilma has everything you could ever want in a linebacker: speed, strength, quickness, and smarts. And he's also young. It's one of those instances where if your defensive scheme can't fit someone like Vilma in it, change the friggin' scheme.

Anyway, so Vilma is available. If the Colts are to make a move for a linebacker, this is the move. It breaks with form. It breaks with the tried and true system of building up linebackers from within, but Vilma is different. He's a difference maker. If the Jets are serious about trading him for Betts, then the Jets are completely and utterly stupid, and the Colts should take full advantage of that stupidity.

The first pick in the draft for Indy might not be enough. Since NY just got Thomas Jones from Da Bears, in a move that still has me scratching my head, I'm not sold on the idea of NY wanting Ladell Betts. They may just want picks, or help in the secondary. If that's the case, the Colts should definitely explore acquiring Vilma. He would fit beautifully in the Tampa 2 at any of the LBer positions.