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Colts re-sign Klecko, and the Texans get scary

I'm very happy the Colts have re-signed Dan Klecko. He's good depth at DT, and he is an excellent option at FB. But Klecko's signing is not what is making NFL news today. Matt Schaub getting traded from Atlanta to Houston is.

Folks, I have never worried about Jacksonville's defense or Vince Young and a resurgent Tennessee team challenging the Colts for AFC south supremecy in 2008. No, I worry about the Texans. Why? Because they have finally gotten smart.

They are re-building their team with defense, getting guys like Williams, Robinson, Payne and  in recent drafts. Now, they have picked up a good QB in Schaub, and it will allow them to move David Carr for some additional draft picks. Carr is not a bad QB, but he has overstayed his welcome. It's certainly not entirely his fault. Houston's o-line is dreadful, and they have no running game. Carr did the best he could do with hardly any support. Now, it seems Houston is going to give Schaub more support than they gave Carr. The Texans could very well draft Levi Brown and give Schaub the protection Carr never had.

If Schaub turns into the real deal, Houston could get scary.

Update [2007-3-21 18:32:41 by BigBlueShoe]: Coltpower is reporting the Colts have also re-signed DE Bo Schobel.