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Who the hell are they drafting? Part Two

I'm happy we had such a thorough and lengthy discussion on Dungy's speech. Many other SB Nation football writers have commented about it on their sites. Here are a few links:

Again, thanks to all for reading, for agreeing and disagreeing, for contributing. Now, I'd like to get back to the business of blogging about the Colts repeating as World Champions.

One big step to defending their championship and building a Colts dynasty is the upcoming NFL Draft. I posted my very first mock draft in the diaries. I did my best to pick who I thought others teams should pick, with a heavy emphasis on should. For the Colts, I list Lawrence Timmons (LB) as their first pick, but recent history with Indy leads me to believe the Colts will trade their first round pick for a pick in the high second round, and maybe a 4th or 5th round pick. We've seen them do this before.

In 2001, everyone wanted the Colts to get someone like CB Will Allen or CB Fred Smoot to fix their woeful defense. Polian instead traded down and got some guy named Reggie Wayne. Colts fans threw a hissy fit. Six years later, Reggie Wayne is one of the best WRs in football, while Will Allen is an afterthought in Miami and Fred Smoot (when he isn't organizing boat parties with out-of-state prostitutes) is getting burned routinely by NFL receivers. In 2004, Polian traded out of the first round and picked up some guy named Bob Sanders in the second round.

So, it is very possible the Colts will trade their #32 pick to someone like the NY Jets (who have two second round picks) for the #59th pick and maybe a 4th round pick. In any case, someone like Timmons would definitely fit what the Colts look for in a linebacker. Here's is profile via NFL Draft Countdown:

Outstanding natural athlete...Great speed and quickness...Explosive with a burst to close...Has the frame to get add weight and he plays big...An outstanding pass rusher...Has fluid hips and is excellent in coverage...Versatile and could play in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme...Vicious hitter and tackler...Has sideline-to-sideline range...Is physical and aggressive...A playmaker who is always around the ball...Still has a ton of potential and there is really no telling just how good he may ultimately be.

Has only one year of starting experience...Raw and needs work from a technique standpoint...Has some trouble shedding blocks and he doesn't use his hands all that well...May lack ideal instincts and awareness due to inexperience...Needs to continue bulking up and getting stronger...Will get by on his athleticism at times.