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Who the hell are they drafting? Part Three

DeAndre Jackson
Just because the Colts have spent the last few draft stocking up on young DB talent does not mean a cornerback is out of the question in the early rounds, especially if the Colts trade out of the first round for extra picks in the second. Another player they might be interested in is DeAndre Jackson out of Iowa State. With all the talk of moving Marlin to safety (for whatever reason), the need to find more CBs could increase now that Nick Harper is in Tennessee. Kelvin Hayden and Jason David are fine CBs. Marlin Jackson could become another Nick Harper, or perhaps better. The jury is still out on last year's second round pick Tim Jennings.

DeAndre Jackson is intriguing in that he seems to fit what Polian and Dungy look for in a DB.

Size and speed are adequate...Has good quickness...Phenomenal instincts...Gets good jumps and knocks down a lot of balls...Pretty physical and aggressive...Solid tackler who will support the run...Great technician who does all of the little things well...Also has experience as a kick returner and can contribute on special teams.

Durability is a major concern...An average athlete who lacks make up speed and a burst...Does not have fluid hips...Gives too big of a cushion...He should probably make more plays for as much as he's around the ball...Not a fit for every scheme.

He did not play his junior season in high school due to a bruised kidney and then tore his ACL and missed half of his senior season with the Cyclones...Underrated prospect who will more than likely slip a bit since he is just coming off of a serious injury...A potential steal whose best fit could come in a Cover 2 or zone scheme.

Corners in the Cover 2 scheme do not need to be good one-on-one cover guys. They need to play well in space, play disciplined (not roam), and TACKLE WELL. The corners are expected to support in the run defense. Jackson's skills as a special teamer will also benefit Indy seeing as many rookies cut their teeth on Special Teams. I would not be surprised if the Colts took Jackson in the third round with one of their comp picks, if he's still there.