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Pete Prisco owns Peter King

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Pete Prisco at CBS lets Peter King of CNNSI know what he thinks of his opinions about the NFL

That sound you hear is the sound of one middle-aged man kicked another middle-aged man right in the nards! Pete Prisco, in a very enlightening article, just called out CNNSI's Peter King for the slurping Patriots-homer that he is.

A few weeks ago, King wrote an absurd article about how the Patriots, with all their recent free agents signings, have tipped the "balance of power" in the AFC in their favor. Apparently, someone forgot to tell Peter that championships are not won in March. But then again, this is Peter King, a man so dense he just now figured out what a friggin' iPod was. When Peter King doesn't have his head up the back end of Bill Belichcik's anus, or when he isn't hording food at the complementary press box buffet, he often writes idiotic articles about how free agent signings in March translate into championships in February the next year. You'd think that, with this logic, King would pick the Washington Redskins to win it all every year. But no, to assume that would be a futile attempt to apply logic to King's ignorant opinions which are more based on his love for Bill Belichick and less on knowing anything about football.

That said, it's nice to see someone else in the mainstream media pick up on this, someone like Pete Prisco. Prisco, like anyone else with a brain in his skull, knows that free agent signings do not mean championships. And if you are like Peter King, writing off the Colts because they have lost certain players and teams like the Patriots have gained some, then you are as dumb as you fat.

Pick up most any magazine or hit any of the NFL writers on the web these days and you'll see a similar message being sent by most: The Indianapolis Colts have had a terrible offseason, so much that they might not be the favorites to repeat.

That's absurd.

In this week's Sports Illustrated, there was an article [Prisco is now making fun of Peter King here, and we at Stampede Blue always endorse any attempt to slam this wannabe sports journalist!] raving about what the New England Patriots had done during free-agency -- essentially stamping them for a trip to the Super Bowl -- and in the context of that story, the Colts were slapped around for doing nothing and losing players.

Really, though, what have the Colts lost?

Prisco then goes into a very well constructed breakdown of each "key" Colt player lost in free agency, and how it means little in the scheme of things. He then goes on to state the obvious about New England:
Yes, the Patriots have made some nice additions. The signing of linebacker Adalius Thomas was a good one. Getting Wes Welker, Donte' Stallworth and Kelley Washington will help the passing game, but is any one of those a go-to guy?

But lost in all the hoopla of the Colts and Peyton Manning getting to the Super Bowl by winning the AFC Championship Game last January was that the Patriots and Bill Belichick, that defensive wizard, gave up 32 second-half points.

That defense was bludgeoned. And it's getting old in some key spots. Aside from Thomas, they have done little to fix it.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Folks, we have a winner, and it is Mr. Prisco. When he isn't slamming Peter King in the nuts with a spiked 2x4, he's preaching the truth about the media flavor of the off-season: the New England Patriots. I still say New England letting Deion Branch go was a stupid idea. They gave Donte Stallworth the same kind of contract Branch wanted, and all Branch did for New England was help them win 3 Super Bowls as Tom Brady's go-to guy. But hey, what do I know... except that in the last two games against the Colts without Branch, Tom Brady has thrown only 1 TD and 5 INTs. Oh, and he lost both games.
We at Stampede Blue salute Mr. Prisco for his well-written and insightful article, and we encourage more Peter King nut-cracking. The fatso deserves it for his constant brown-nosing of the Patriots, a team that blew the biggest lead in Championship Game history.