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Compensation picks, Peyton rules NBC, and why this warm weather is pissing me off

I've had the flu the last three-four days, and man did it suck. I've just now gotten myself to the point where I can sit upright and type without getting dizzy. I did the SB Nation Sports Report Sunday, and afterwards crashed from exhaustion. Not fun. But I feel better now, no thanks to this unseasonably warm weather (which is killing my sinuses). It's all fine and good that it's nice outside and not, say 15 degrees with ice on the road. But 75-80 degrees in March? Too hot, too soon for me. Let's have it at a nice 55-65 for a few months, then hit me with the hot stuff around June.

But enough about that. There's news to report:

  • Tip to BSanders37 for posting this good news in the diaries. The Colts are getting three additional draft picks this year as compensation for losing Edgerrin James, David Thornton, and Mike Vanderjagt last year. They are getting an extra 3rd, 4th, and 5th round pick. The Colts now have 8 picks, and they are in prime position to trade up or down, depending on who they want.
  • Speaking of who they want, if you want to see quite possibly the biggest mock draft database on the planet, check these guys out. Several SB Nation writers have mocks posted there, including yours truly.
  • As I said on the SBNSR, Saturday Night Live really sucks right now. The writing is god-awful. Last Saturday, I thought the funniest person in the studio was Peyton Manning, the host. Manning was goofy, self-depreciating, and enjoyable to watch. The United Way skit was the best (see below):

  • The Eagles traded their DT Darwin Walker for LBer Takeo Spikes. This must mean they have high hopes for Montae to play for them.
  • As expected, the Colts are opening the season Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints. The last time the Colts played the Saints, Peyton Manning threw 6 TDs in the game. However, this Saints team is not that one back in 2004. Good match-up pick by the NFL. Unexpected in the new schedule is the Colts playing Atlanta on Thanksgiving. You need NFL Network to see the game, which sucks considering no one has NFL Network (expect a few lucky souls).
  • Bill Polian is now "upbeat" about reaching a long term deal with franchised DE Dwight Freeney before June 15th.

Interesting to see how the next few weeks shake out as we lead up to the NFL Draft. I'll be updating my mock as often as possible. If you want to make mocks, by all means do so and post them in the diaries.