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SB Nation Mock Draft

I'm still getting over the flu, getting my stamina and strength back. It's annoying because I'm used to doing x, y, and z during the day, and now I can only do x and maybe a little bit of y. Anyway, that aside, I'm very happy to announce The SB Nation 2007 Mock Draft.

Shrug over at Field Gulls is the host blog that will handle the mock draft. We, the SB Nation football bloggers, chose FG because Seattle does not have a first round pick. Shrug details the Mock Draft:

The draft will be in order of the real NFL Draft, with the Oakland Raiders picking first. After one team submits their pick to us, the next team will be, as they say, "on the clock." But since this mock draft will last around 30 days, that "clock" time will be longer than the real draft. So it's a big clock. Maybe bigger than one of those Flavor Flav deals. I don't know. Do I look like a tape measure?

We'll be keeping track of the draft results throughout the month (I expect with some sort of HTML table), and hopefully the bloggers will go into a little detail about their picks. In the comment sections for each pick, you're free to have debates, arguments, bloodfeuds, recipe-swapping, or some quality time with fingerpaints if you want.
Trades are allowed is this three round mock draft. I will draft for the Colts, of course. The Colts have one pick in the first round, no picks in the second, and two picks in the third. I am seriously considering trading out of the first round for picks in the second round. If you have any suggestions or ideas about who you think I should draft, or how I should play this three round mock, comment here or shoot me an email.