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Most Under-Rated Player: Lee Evans

You know I am a bit fascinated with how some players like T.O. get all the spot light while better players sit in the shadows and put up great numbers. I feel that without a doubt that Lee Evans is one of the most under-rated players in the NFL. Seriously just look at the numbers the guy puts up...

Lee Evans:

Receptions: 82

Yards: 1292

Touchdowns: 8

Those stats are right up there with someone like T.O. but we never hear about Lee Evans because for one, he doesn't make a jerk out of himself and two, he plays for a small market team in Buffalo. Heck, Lee Evans put up those stats with J.P. Losman throwing to him so just think what he could do if he was in a good offense. And you know its kind of a good thing guys like Evans fly under the radar because it means that I can just pick them up in the 10th round of all my fantasy drafts (no lie I did actually get him in the 10th round!)

But lets focus in on the receivers for now. Can anyone else think of some receivers that fly under the radar and are under-rated?