Patriot Worries

Anyone else worried about the adds the Pats are making in free agency? Adalius Thomas and Wes Welker could definitely change the identity of that team. A big-time 3-4 playmaker and a deep threat (albeit maybe not a reliable one)! I'm just glad we FINALLY have them at home in the regular season this year. I'm not sure when it will be (I really doubt it will be the opener; I think NBC will want to hang on to that one until at least midseason), but I think that game may be for homefield. I think both the Colts and the Pats play the Chargers next year, so that could figure in as far as seeding goes. The great thing is that the Colts, Bears and Pats all play the Chargers so they (Chargers) will have a tough regular season to get through. Realistically, our schedule, however it plays out, is a 13-3 setup depending on the Pats game. The more things change...

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