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New site stuff, and Rob Morris just won't go away

On the heels of the Colts re-signing LBer Rob Morris (tip to gocolts1 for posting this in the diaries), we unveil some subtle changes to the site. Along the left sidebar, you'll see the draft selections are updated. Under that is our new Stampede Blue archive. There, I'll place certain stories, interviews, and diaries in a little trophy case for anyone to read. I'm now going through the diaries (there are a lot!) and should have some up soon.

Also, in the coming weeks, I will make a very vain and futile attempt to guess who the Colts will draft in pretty much every round. Yes, I know that's nuts, but I'll try anyway. What the hell! I can't do any worse than Mel Kiper.

Back to Morris, it just seems the guy can't go away. We Colts fans have tried desperately to run this guy outta town. People labeled him a bust in 2000 when he was drafted in the first round. He played decent, but not great, the three years he started for Dungy at MIKE. It was not until this year that Rob Morris' true importance was showcased. He replaced an inept Gilbert Gardner at SAM (a position Morris had never played in his life), and he was brilliant. Now, Rawb has a new contract and a Super Bowl ring.

Bravo Rob! Glad to hear we never succeeded in getting rid of you.