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There's a reason Forbes doesn't have sports section

Gordon still says greed is good, but Forbes is sh*t.

Folks, witness stupidity at its finest. Forbes magazine, a publication geared towards the Gordon Gekkos of America, has released its list of top 100 GMs in sports. This is all of professional sports, including hockey, baseball, and basketball. I have no idea how Forbes is determining the top 100 GMs or what system they are using, but one thing is certain:

Forbes knows absolutely nothing about sports executives and their top 100 list is a complete joke.

I mean, it's so funny I started crying. These morons actually listed Jerry Jones (13), quite possibly the worst GM in the NFL, ahead of Scott Pioli (20), the guy who won three Super Bowls with the Patriots in the modern salary cap area. They ranked AJ Smith (4!), a petty man-child who utterly botched the Marty Schottenheimer situation and hasn't fielded a playoff winning team in his tenure as Chargers GM, ahead of Bill Polian (9). That's right folks. That #4 next to Smith's name is where Forbes ranks him. This means they think AJ Smith is better than Polian and Pioli, and that if Forbes magazine owned an NFL team, they'd rather have Smith running the show than Polian or Pioli.

Fans, if ever you hear that your team is potentially getting bought by Forbes, grab your picks and torches and descend on the stadium, because the people at Forbes are utterly clueless on what it takes to be successful in the sports world. For some more laughs on the Forbes best GMs, check out these:

  • They rank Kevin McHale, GM of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves, #1 overall. McHale's Timberwolves have won ZERO championships under his tenure despite the fact that they have, arguably, one of the best players in the NBA in Kevin Garnett. McHale was also suspended in 2001 by the NBA for one full year for illegally tampering with fee agent Joe Smith. This tampering cost Minnesota three first round draft picks and $3.5 million dollars. THIS is the best GM in all of sports? This is the pinnacle? I need a shower.
  • Donnie Walsh, the long-respected GM for the Indiana Pacers, is no where on the list. Isiah Thomas though, the GM for the Knicks, is ranked 82nd. Stupidity defined.
  • Matt Millen is actually on this list. Think about that for a second. They actually put him on the list of top 100 GMs in all of sports! Are they smoking crack over at Forbes! Somewhere, SeanYuille is crying.

Seriously, I have no idea how they measured or gauged this ranking, but it is quite possibly one of the worst "Best of" lists I've ever seen. I mean, these guys are really, really stupid and know nothing about the subject they are ranking. It's one of those lists that as you read more into it, the dumber it makes YOU. Again, there's a reason Forbes doesn't have a sports section. They should stick to writing about the usual boring crap they are known for.