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BigBlueShoe almost cries watching Colts DVD

I got this in the mail yesterday:

If you are a Colts fan, this might make you cry.

When it came, I was so giddy I felt like I was 10 years old again. I ran home after the day job was finished, told the girlfriend I was busy this evening, and popped in the DVD. I watched it. All of it. Start to finish. Didn't answer the phone. Didn't feed the cats. Didn't eat dinner. Just some slices of cheese and a beer. I sat there and watched it all... and it almost made me cry.

Now, mind you, I don't cry often about silly things like football. Football is fun. I love it. I love watching it, playing it, talking about it, and berating those that think baseball is better than it. But, in the grand scheme of life, football is really not that important. Your kids are important. Paying rent is important. Washing dishes, telling your wife you love her, telling you husband he's handsome, staying healthy, going to the doctor... these are important. Football is like ice cream. It's a great treat that you look forward to, but you could live without because, really, ice cream is not important. That said, I watched that Colts Super Bowl DVD and almost cried at the end when Dungy held up the Lombardi trophy.

I'm not Mike Florio. I don't pimp cell phones, computers, or other crap on this site. There's very little advertising here because, well, ads on sites suck. I could certainly add more ads, and someday I might if I want to do this full-time, but right now you can see I don't pimp many things here. I will pimp this DVD though. If you're a Colts fan, you simply must have it. It showed me things about certain players and coaches that I did not know before, things many national media figures should have known before they printed a lot of the garbage they did from 2002 to now.

  • Anyone that said Dungy was not "intense" or lacked "fire" as a coach is a total moron. Their opinions, from here on out, on anything football related should be completely and utterly dismissed. They are ignorant turds who made an assumption of his character without having FACTS to back it up. In the first five minutes of the DVD, you see Dungy as intense and focused during training camp as most coaches are during playoff games. Players are walking on the field during drills, and Dungy (with the stare of Medusa on crack!) tells them, "Hustle on, hustle off! Don't walk on the field." When he finishes his sentence, he adds one very specific, very subtle ending. He says "please." Without demeaning, insulting, or degrading the players, Dungy makes his statement firm. From then on out, players are running on and off for drills.
  • Jeff Saturday is a very vocal leader. He is leading the cheering along with Tarik Glenn. He's keeping players focused, ready, and alert.
  • Manning's relationship with all his linemen is very close. After a big win (I think against Washington) you see Manning in the locker-room giving some props to Jake Scott. He's always on the sidelines with the linemen, asking them for this, getting their thoughts on that. For morons like Terry Bradshaw that said Manning threw these guys under the bus after the Pittsburgh game, I invite you to watch this DVD, and then kindly STFU.
  • Mike Doss, on the sideline during the Washington game (just before his season-ending injury) turns to the camera and says, "See our QB? That's a living legend out there."
  • Bryan Fletcher is annoying, and gets on Manning's nerves. It's really funny to see it. During the AFC Championship game, after the Colts score the TD on Addai's run with a minute left, Manning comes to the sidelines and sits. He wants to be alone, looking over photos in case, just in case, he has to score AGAIN. You can tell Manning is edgy. Tom Brady is on the field with one minute left and two timeouts, down for 4 points. Manning just wants to be alone and not look at the field. Fletcher comes over to Manning with a big grin on his face. He's dancing and says, "Isn't this great? Isn't this what it's about? One minute left. Tom Brady on the field. Defense needs a stop. Isn't this what you want?" Manning looks up at him and says nothing. He looks like he wants to punch Fletcher dead in the face. It's absolutely hilarious.
  • John Teerlinck, the defensive line coach for the coach, is so fat he can't stand during games. He is also a laugh riot. The one time we see him standing during a game he gets up and does the "jump five" with Freeney and Brock. The man has a half-inch vertical leap. During the AFC Championship Game, he tells all his assistants to throw out the game plan. "Throw it all. Throw them away. Throw them all out," he tells the linemen and his staff. He tells them to do a few simple things to adjust. The result: the Patriots offense slows to a crawl in the second half.
  • As I said, during games where running backs ran wild, Cato June is always there, missing a tackle he should make.
  • Again, during the AFC Championship Game, the Patriot defense was dog tired. Bruschi, Vrabel, and the d-line looked like zombies coming to the sidelines. The Colts wore them down in that game. This is why Pioli is making all these signings this off-season. That defense is old, and they need some youth injected. Enter Adalius Thomas.

It's a great DVD folks, and a must for Colts fans. In many ways, it helped solidify the season for me. It placed it all into perspective. It made it even more special, and it gave me serious hope that this coming year the Colts will do it again. This is a tough, hard-nosed, focused team and the only club that even remotely threatens them is the Patriots, who the Colts have owned the last two years. It's pretty much the Colts' and Patriots' world, and all other NFL teams are living in it.

Update [2007-3-7 19:40:59 by BigBlueShoe]: On the left sidebar of the blog, in the Sponsors section, you will see an advertisement from Sports Illustrated titled Championship Package from Sports Illustrated. It offers packages for purchasing the Super Bowl DVD. Enjoy!