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SB Nation Podcast Debuts this Sunday!

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Everyone, I am very happy to announce that SB Nation is starting its first official podcast called The SB Nation Sports Report, and your truly is hosting it along with Mile High Report's TheSportsGuru. We're cutting our teeth at podcasting using, which allows listeners the ability to call-in or IM us live while we do the show. So, if you call-in and ask a sports-related question, we'll address it on-air and live. It's another way for you, the readers here and on other blogs, to interact with us writers.

The premiere episode of The SB Nation Sports Report is this Sunday, March 11th at 8pm. Remember, this Sunday is Daylight Savings Time. Our guests on the show will include Fooch from Niners Nation, Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and possibly SkinsPatrol from Hogs Haven. We'll talk NFL free agency, the Signature Pharmacy steroids scandal, and NCAA hoops (`cause the Tourney is right around the corner, people!).

I'm placing a button on the site that takes you to the podcast homepage, and soon a media player will be there that will let you listen to the show will logged onto this site. Please tune in and if you can, please call in. We're all really excited about this, and we hope you enjoy it!  

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