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Who will the Colts draft? Buster Davis, maybe.

Buster Davis, Florida State
Since the Colts aren't doing anything in free agency, which is a good thing considering teams are simply throwing money at several mediocre free agents, I thought I'd concentrate a bit on the Draft. Yes, I know it's more than a month away, but I said I'd try and pick the players the Colts would draft in 2007. So, here's my first attempt:

The Colts may very well work a trade to get Florida State linebacker Buster Davis. NFL Draft Countdown has an interview with Davis, and he says some things that make him sound intriguing:

My strengths are my ability to adapt to any position, instincts, football smarts, speed to the ball. What separates me from other players in the draft this year is I have the ability to play all three downs and finding a `backer than can do that is very rare these days.


Personally I think I can play in any scheme but I think the Cover 2 type of teams will be more attracted to my style of play more so than others.

Davis is considered "small" for a pro-level linebacker. Again folks, the most over-rated attribute in sports is size. Gary Brackett is 5'8'' and is the starting middle linebacker for the Colts. He just won a ring, and his defense played amazing football in the post-season. To throw a very over-used but very true statement out there: size matters not.

I talked about Davis earlier and how I felt he would fit Dungy's Cover 2. Davis' speed and intangibles make him an intriguing pick. He may fall to Indy in the third round because of his mediocre timed speed at the Combine (4.69). However, he does have great football intelligence and swarms to the ball.

I do not think the Colts will take a linebacker in the first round, as most draft sites suggest. I do believe, however, that if Davis is still there in the third, the Colts will likely pick him.

Some quote notes:

  • Out very own BSanders37 has started his own blog for West Coast Colts fans that have trouble seeing games because of the time differences. BSanders37 is another one of the Stampede Blue alumni to start their own sports blog, along with River City Rage and jdb. Stop by and check out his site, and we hope it doesn't take him away from us here at Stampede blue too much.
  • Brandon Stokley is visiting the Saints. I'm still upset that Stoke is gone, but I understand why. He is one of my favorite players.
  • Baltimore traded for Willis McGahee yesterday. Why? I have no clue. McGahee is lazy and undisciplined. Oh wait. Brian Billick still coaches that team. Nevermind. McGahee will fit right in.

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