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Yes, there is indeed Colts news

In the world of Colts football, things are a bit slow. Hey, when you win it all, it stands to reason that you are really good and don't need to make many off-season moves. I've done so many mock drafts that I'm starting to wonder if the actual draft has already happened and I missed it because I was working on so many MOCK DRAFTS! I still have no clue as to who the Colts will draft. Will they trade down? With who? What will they get? Should I even care? Regardless of the outcome, will I dare question the great Bill Polian?

Well, I can't answer the first two, but I will answer yes and yes to the last two. Polian is a great GM, and they are already sizing up his Hall of Fame bust. However, if Polian does not address the defensive tackle position in the Draft, I will get pissed. Henry Rollins pissed:

Henry Rollins will come for Bill Polian if he doesn't draft a DT.

DT is so thin right now it makes that Olson twin look like Peter Griffin. And once again, we are haunted by the ghost of Corey Simon (tip to PaytonMenning for the diary article). Will he play again? Will they cut him? What's wrong with him? These were the same questions we asked. All. Last. Season. At this point, I just want him gone. I'm tired of constantly asking Will Corey Simon play? Since Bill Polian has, essentially, given up on Simon, I ask why this tub of fat ass lard is still on the Colts roster? Can we please get his silly grievances heard already?

In other news, Jim Sorgi and Rocky Boiman have been signed for one more season. I still do not understand Bill Polian's obsession with the Sorginator. Last season, Shaun King outplayed Sorgi all throughout pre-season, and King was still cut. Boiman is a fine reserve linebacker that is best suited for the SAM.

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