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The Saints might poison pill Jason David

Some interesting news from John Murphy over at Yahoo Sports:

Negotiations between Indianapolis Colts restricted free-agent cornerback Jason David and the New Orleans Saints started over the weekend, according to league sources. The offer could contain a "Poison Pill," possibly a high, front-end dollar amount that would be a stress point on allowing David to remain with Indianapolis.

The Saints, currently with three picks in the fourth round, are one of several teams reportedly checking out David, who would cost a fourth-rounder. Contract numbers for David, who never missed a game in three seasons with the Colts and has eight career interceptions, would likely fall in or around those given to Roderick Hood (Arizona) or Nick Harper (Tennessee). Both Hood and Harper got between $2 million-$3 million in guaranteed money.

The deadline for making an outside offer to restricted free agents is Friday.

Wow. If the Colts lost David to the Saints, that's a big blow. Jason David is a restricted free agent, which means that if he signs an offer sheet with the Saints, the Saints must compensate the Colts with a fourth round pick in the draft this year. The Saints have 3 fourth round picks, so they are not sweating that.

Here's my take: If New Orleans pulls a poison pill play on David, then fine. They can overpay for Jason and watch him get burned on a weekly basis. Unless New Orleans is switching to a Cover 2, David is not a good corner for them. If they pull this move (using the poison pill move to get him), then they will also have to live with the stigma of being one of "those teams." The poison pill Minnesota used to snare OG Steve Hutchinson from Seattle did nothing to improve Minnesota's chances of getting to the playoffs. Once again, Seattle made the playoffs (and won a game). Once again, Minnesota sat at home. The Vikings are paying a friggin guard more money than any one of their skill position players.

No offense to gonzo, but Minnesota's poison pill move was D.U.M.B. And if New Orleans tries something like that for Jason David, we would have a new member in the "Dumbest Off-Season Moves Ever" club.