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Is Harrell the guy?

Justin Harrell will eat you!
So in both the SB Nation Mock Draft, the NFL Countdown Mock Draft Mock Draft DT Justin Harrell of Tennessee is going to the Colts. This probably means Polian will select a tight end or something seeing as everyone and their momma is predicting he'll go DT. I really haven't seen much of Harrell because I saw so very few Tennessee games this year (one actually, and Harrell didn't play). So, I decided that rather than read another silly draft profile about Harrell, I'd just ask the Tennessee Vols fans.

Rocky Top Talk is SB Nations Vols blog. Joel is one of the main writers there. He's kind enough to do a write-up of Harrell for us, but until that comes he had this to say about the Colts potential first round pick:

Harrell is beloved by the Tennessee faithful. He was on the tee for an exceptional year when he hurt his arm, and he sealed his status as a Tennessee legend when he decided to play one more game against one of our biggest rivals even with the season-ending injury.

I'd have to go back and look, but I can't remember any other injury, so I'm not sure durability is an issue, unless one injury makes it an issue.

His arm injury was a torn bicep tendon, which he played through. That's insane folks. Such an injury is very painful. It is certainly very possible Harrell might be gone by the time the #32 pick comes up. I know Chicago needs help at linebacker (especially since Lance Briggs might be heading out), but linebackers in a Cover 2 are replaceable. DTs aren't, and when Chicago lost Tommie Harris last season, their chances of winning a title went with him. The Super Bowl would have been a very different game had Harris played. Then again, if Reagor, Stokley, Simon, or Doss played, then the game would have been even more of a blowout in favor of the Colts.

Injuries happen. The where and when are key, and it's important to have quality depth at DT in a Cover 2. Such things really don't concern the fantsy football crowd. Skeller over at did a fantasy breakdown of the SB Nation Mock Draft. Here's his Colts breakdown:

32) Indianapolis - Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
It will be hard for Harrell to break into the starting lineup, the Colts are supposedly pretty good. The best you could expect is for Harrell to get some injury fill-in time, and that wouldn't be enough for him to worth a spot on your fantasy team.
Not sure I agree with Skeller here. Harrell could indeed play significant snaps, and even start. The Colts will rotate their d-line to match-up with a certain team. So, if the Colts faced, say, Jacksonville (who raped the Colts for almost 400 rushing yards in one game) the d-line might ideally have Harrell and Booger at the DTs with Freeney and Brock at DEs, with Mathis and Reid rotating in.

What seems clear is that if Harrell falls to Indy at #32, they should take him. If they don't, I will go Henry Rollins. If you want to see the most recent results of the SB Nation Mock Draft, view this chart provided by Mr. SeanYuille of POD. Oh, by the way, if you ever see a nice looking chart on this site, or really any site, chances are we stole it from Sean. He is the html design master!