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Jason signs offer sheet with Saints

Tip to yellowsnow for posting the news in the diaries: Jason David signed a four year offer sheet with the New Orleans Saints today. The Colts have one week to match the offer. Adam Schefter of explains:

The Colts will have seven days to match the offer sheet that will be frontloaded, with most of the money included in years one and two of the deal. If they decline to match -- and it's going to be difficult for them to match -- the Colts would receive a fourth-round pick from the Saints.
If New Orleans wants to offer a lot of bread up front for Jason David, fine. Adious David! You're going to suck in New Orelans' system, and after one year you will likely be cut and (ta-da!) return to the Colts ala Rick DeMulling. I certainly don't blame Jason for signing. This is business. Indy offered one year and a vet minimum and New Orleans offered four years with more money up front.

Whatever the offer, they are overpaying for Jason. He's a good player that fights hard and can make some plays. He's developed so much from his rookie year, when his nickname was "toast." His is a fine player in a Cover 2, but in any other system he is going to stink. He's short, and is not especially fast. He does tackle well in run support and can play in space (aka, a Cover 2 zone).

As always, we wish Jason David well, except against the Colts. Jason will get to hopefully face his former team Week 1 on the Thursday night game in Indy. He can look forward to either Marvin or Reggie torching him play, after play, after play.