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Welcome back, Rick

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Again, my apologies for not posting as much as I normally do. All kinds of real life stuff has popped up, and with my new responsibilities as the producer of the SBNSR, my time gets eaten up. One quick thing about the podcast, we have moved our podcast from BlogTalkRadio (which was very good btw) to NowLive just offered us more features, like an in studio producer to handle chats and calls. We will broadcast the SBNSR from there from now on. They even made us a nifty new logo for the show.

But enough about that, we got Colts news!

I had a feeling some time ago that Rick DeMulling would return to Indy, and look what happened. Rick signed a one year contract to return to the Colts. Welcome back, Rick! DeMulling, while he was in Indy, was one of the best pulling guards in the NFL. The last two years he was in Detroit, and didn't really distinguish himself. In Indy, he'll have a chance to regain his starting job. A position that, last year, was a perceived weakness (offensive guard) is now a major strength. DeMulling adds excellent depth to the o-line.