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Bye bye Corey.

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Well, so much for Corey Simon returning to the Colts. In an interview for the Boston Globe, Bill Polian called the Colts signing Simon in 2005 "a mistake." Yeeeesh! Why not just slap him in the face and insult his momma while you're at it, Bill. The context of the statement centered around why the Colts don't get involved all that much in free agency. Bill responded by saying the Colts, too often, get burned by free agency.

Why so little [free agent] activity? The fiery Polian is quick with the answer.

"Mainly because we've made some big mistakes in the past, Corey Simon being the most obvious one," he said. "We've had a modicum of success in it, but not a lot. We just feel the odds are very much against you. It's not a criticism of anyone who does it, but just the way we do things. We're not good at it, so we stay away from things we're not good at."

Instead, the Colts' focus has traditionally been to plug holes through the draft, such as last year when they selected running back Joseph Addai to replace Edgerrin James.

On the flip side, Polian's forays into unrestricted free agency have been rare, and the results are too volatile for his liking. While kicker Adam Vinatieri was one of the team's most productive signings, Polian is still kicking himself for the Simon deal.
Wow. Again, scratch Corey Simon off the list of players on this season's roster. The article makes it very clear that the unresolved nature of Simon's grievance has hindered the Colts, making it hard for them to match certain offers, like Cato June's Tampa Bay contract, which was peanuts when compared to other free agent linebackers. What is also apparent is Polian is NOT happy with Simon. With Montae Reagor now in Philly, it seems Darrell Reid will get more playing time along with Dan Klecko. I'm also now convinced the Colts will draft a DT somewhere in the first three rounds.  

Oh, and Simon doesn't have a prayer with his grievance. His "injury" was non-football-related. The non-football-related injury list is designed specifically so that teams do not have to pay a player who hurts himself in a non-football-related activity. Simon filed a greivance against the Colts because Indy refused to pay Corey his 2006 salary. Why did Indy refuse to pay his salary? Because Corey injured himself in a non-football-related activity, which is why they put him on the list, which is why they ain't paying him. Corey won't cry poverty. He received a lengthy signing bonus, and has, essentially, stolen money from the Colts for the last year. His contract is not guaranteed, and since he hasn't played in over a year, what entitles him to any salary?

In short, Simon's career with the Colts is over, and his pro playing career in general is likely over as well.

Update [2007-4-2 16:39:44 by BigBlueShoe]: Tip to ppr314 for this news in the comments: Darrell Reid was just arrested for mary-jo-juana possession. Ugh.