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BigBlueShoe guesses who the hell they will pick.

Well, I've done my best to provide breakdowns on several players the Colts might draft. I plan to re-tag them soon so that you can search for them easier. I've done so many damn mock drafts I've started answering my phone, "Hi, Mel Kiper speaking." It's now time for me to own up and actually guess who the hell the Colts will pick. I ask that you, the loyal and rabid readers of Stampede Blue, not to bash my picks too much. I am by no means a draft guru. Ok (takes a deep breath), here goes:

Tanard Jackson is built for the Cover 2
I think the Colts will trade their first round pick, and perhaps one of their three fourth round picks, to the New York Jets for their two second round picks. Based on what I've read from the very informative New Era Scouting site, many of the players the Colts have brought in and are interested in are players that fall into the mid-late second round category. So, the Colts will trade the #32 pick for the Jets' #59 and #63 picks. With that scenario in mind, here's who they'll take in 2007:
  • 59- Ikaika Alma-Francis, DE or DT, Hawaii

  • 63- Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse

  • 95- Quinn Pitcock, DT, Ohio State

  • 98- Rufus Alexander, LB, Oklahoma

  • 123- (from New Orleans) Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska

  • 131- John Wendling, S, Wyoming

  • 136- David Ball, WR, Hampton

  • 169- KaMichael Hall, LB, Georgia Tech

  • 173- Nathan Bennett, OG, Clemson

  • 242- Johnny Baldwin, LB, Alabama A & M

Now, before you freak out and say, BigBlueShoe is flocking nuts to think these guys will get picked there, please understand my method: I examined three specific sites that had mock drafts, scouting reports, and team interest in certain players. Those sites are New Era Scouting,, and NFL Draft Countdown. Between those three, I made my picks. Not an easy thing to do, but I think it fits in line with what the Colts feel they need.

I think the Colts are very high on Alma-Francis. He's a projected high-mid second round pick that I think might fall to the Colts. He is a versatile DE that the Colts could convert to DT in the Tampa 2 system they run. Tanard Jackson was made to play for the Colts. He's a CB that can play safety. He tackles well, hits hard, and is a very good zone coverage CB. If Alma-Francis is gone at #59, Jackson will get taken there.

Many draft boards have Ohio State's Quinn Pitcock falling to Indy at #95. If that happens, the Colts will indeed take him even if they also have Alam-Francis. The DT position is the most important position in a Tampa 2 defense. Polian FINALLY learned that last season, when the Colts lost DTs to injuries left and right. Pitcock is a proto-typical Tampa 2 DT, and he might even get picked higher at #63 or so. Rufus Alexander is a versatile LBer tat can play SAM and WILL. He's fast and covers well. He also seems to never get hurt.

The fourth round will likely have the Colts picking three times, with New Orleans giving their #123 pick to Indy for Jason David. At #123, Brandon Jackson out of Nebraska. With Dom Rhodes gone, I don't think the Colts are confident DeDe Dorsey or Kory Chapman can replace him. Brandon Jackson is not fast, but he has good vision and is an excellent cutback runner, which is exactly what the Colts look for in running backs. He also never fumbles. John Wendling is someone I think Polian is salivating over. Polian loves safeties in the 4th and 5th rounds, and with Mike Doss gone, Wendling could be the Bob Sanders back-up Polian feels he might need. David Ball runs great routes, works hard, and catches the friggin' football. He's not some "raw" product that has tons of speed and leaping ability but can't catch. The Colts look for people who run great routes and catch the ball, period. David Ball fits that.

The fifth round is a bit of a reach with KaMichael Hall getting taken about a round earlier than some people have him projected. Hall is a Cover 2 backer, both undersized but very quick and good in coverage. Nathan Bennett is the sort of standard OG the Colts like to take in later rounds. With no sixth round pick, the Colts will move into the 7th round and snag LBer Johnny Baldwin, if he's there. Last season, the Colts took a kick returning specialist (TJ Rushing) with their 7th round pick. They might go special teams again in the 7th.  

There, as promised, I've picked who I think they'll pick... and I am likely 100% completely and pathetically wrong about each pick. Heck, If I'm right about one, just one pick, I'll feel good about myself. As always, feel free to chime in and insult my intelligence.