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The SB Nation Mock Draft concludes

Brandon Jackson kind of reminds me of Edge
After weeks of works, and hundreds of emails, the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft comes to a close. As promised, we provide a three round mock draft with the bloggers picking for their respective teams. Trades were allowed, and there were plenty of them. A big shout out goes to SkinsPatrol at Hogs Haven (who organized and managed the draft), Shrug at Field Gulls (for hosting the draft), and SeanYuille at POD (for providing easy to read and up-to-date charts on the draft). It is extremely hard to get any community of bloggers to do anything, let alone a three round mock draft that allows trades. These three bloggers deserve a lot of credit for managing a very comprehensive and informative mock. Bravo!

For the Colts, I was unable to trade down in the mock draft, nor was I able to trade up. I had placed trade offers to our new Jets blogger (site isn't up yet) to trade down into the second, but he stood firm. I had a trade in place with Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle to trade my two 3rd round picks for Jon Beason, LBer out of Miami. Alas, Kirkendall decided at the last minute not to trade. Oh well.

So, with the 95th and 98th picks in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft, I selected the following:

95-- Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska
98-- Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina

Jackson is exactly the kind of back the Colts like. He makes good cuts and has great vision. He's patient, a hard worker, know how to fill a roll. Many think he could be a mid-round steal, and I just couldn't pass him up. I have no faith in someone like DeDe Dorsey replacing Dom Rhodes.

Fred Bennett is a bit of a project. He is not a physical corner and is known as a inconsistent tackler. However, he works hard and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He also possesses very good coverage skills, and has a knack for making plays. He can be coached to play in the Cover 2 and support the run. He's not a proro-typical Cover 2 corner (like Tanard Jackson), but he can be molded into one.

So, in the mock draft, I got Justin Harrell (DT), Brandon Jackson (RB), and Fred Bennett (CB). All three address immediate needs, but don't necessarily need to start. That's exactly what I wanted.