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Polian spills the beans about the 2007 draft

In his press conference prior to the draft, Bill Polian spilled his guts about who the Colts will draft, and told us everything we need to know about the direction the Colts are going in for 2007.

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Ok, back to reality... Polian's pre-draft press conference was as boring and cryptic as usual. Enigma code breakers working for British intelligence during World War II couldn't decipher Polian's poker face leading up to the draft. However, for us dorky Colts fans, we can pick out the grains of truth and present them as follows:

  • Polian stated that, as of right now, the starting WILL linebacker is NOT Gilbert Gardner (as reported earlier), but Freddie Keiaho. Polian said this could change if a stud LB falls to them at #32, ala Jon Beason methinks.
  • The Colt were seriously considering matching Jason David's offer from New Orleans, but opted not to at the last minute.
  • Polian was asked about Corey Simon. He gave the same answer he gave all throughout the 2006 season: He hasn't spoken to the doctors and doesn't know his status. Now, either these doctors have ninja-like skills at hiding from Bill, or Polian is just lying to us. Basically, Corey is done but Polian can't say that yet because of the grievances filed.
  • Polian thinks this is the weakest draft in recent memory. Only about 18 first round picks are worth first round money, in his humble opinion. OUCH! This leads me to believe one of the following will occur: The Colts will trade up or the Colts will trade down into the second round.

One thing is certain, the Colts will either do something very early (trade up), or wait until after pick #20 to start making moves to trade down. Keiaho getting the nod at WILL and Morris retaining his starting SAM job are nice things to hear. As of right now, the Colts have nine picks in the draft. So, a trade of some kind is not out of the question. Per usual, I have no idea who the Colts will draft. I can only guess, as I did yesterday. At this point now, I'm friggin' sick of all the mock drafts and just want to get down to the real thing.

Indianapolis will soon be on the clock... finally.