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2007 NFL Draft Live Blog

I'll be doing some live blogging on the draft throughout the day. Right now, Commissioner Goodell is despaerately trying to explain the new conduct policy to Chris Berman while everyone is screaming in the background. My fellow SB Nation bloggers will also live blog at these sites:

Niners Nation
Cincy Jungle
Pride of Detroit
The Phinsider
Daily Norseman
Mile High Report
The Falcoholic

Update [2007-4-28 12:21:7 by BigBlueShoe]: First pick in 2007 draft is QB Jamarcus Russell. Somewhere, saint is cheering.

Update [2007-4-28 12:31:48 by BigBlueShoe]:From Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle:

I love Suzy Kolber. She's the Pamela Anderson of the NFL -- well, that might be forever reserved for Melissa Stark. But I've never faulted Joe Namath. If I were at a football game, I too, would have a few adult beverages. If I were at a football game, with a lot of adult beverages, I too would have confessed my undying love for this babe.
Suzy is looking a little "leathery" these days, but she's still pretty hot. Oh, and Detroit just took yet another WR in the first round: Calvin Johnson.

Update [2007-4-28 12:44:54 by BigBlueShoe]:No offense to Chris at Dawgs By Nature, but Cleveland was D.U.M.B. to pass up on Brady Quinn.

Update [2007-4-28 12:59:12 by BigBlueShoe]:The Madden 08 commcericals are making my stomach turn. Nothing like a bunch of cocky, over-hyped players that haven't won anything in the NFL to make me want to buy a over-rated game. My favorite one is the Hester one. He's all smiles that he ran the opening kickoff back in the SB for a TD. I guess he forgot his team LOST. Silly little man.

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]: Top five picks are done. Cardinals reach and take Levi Brown. Cleveland passes on a franchise QB for a tackle. Tampa Bay takes Gaines Adams.

2007 NFL Draft
Pick Team Player Pos. Ht. Wt. College
1 Oakland Raiders Jamarcus Russell QB 6-5 266 LSU
2 Detriot Lions Calvin Johnson WR 6-5 239 Georgia Tech
3 Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas OT 6-8 303 Wisconsin
4 Tampa Bay Bucs Gaines Adams DE 6-3 258 Clemson
5 Arizona Cardinals Levi Brown OT 6-5 323 Penn State

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:New Era Scouting and have some great updates.

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:Vikings get their pick in, and just as gonzo said, they take Adrian Peterson.

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:If the Colts are going to trade up for a player, like maybe Okoye, they will make a move soon.

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:Ok, we're 9 picks in and no trades. BOOOOOOORING. Let's see some trades people! Maybe Denver trades up. Maybe Indy goes nuts and trades up. Atlanta reached getting DE Jamaal Anderson. TheSportsGuru calls Anderson the "safe pick."

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:

The Miami Dolphins franchise goes under as they pass on QB Brady Quinn and pick a small WR with hands issues.

Update [2007-4-28 14:6:0 by BigBlueShoe]:Interesting. Amobi Okoye goes to the Texans. Houston goes defense again. Both him and Mario Williams on the defensive line. Interesting indeed.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:Smart pick by the 49ers taking Patrick Willis. Willis is a total stud. Marshawn Lynch getting taken by Buffalo is a reach. The Bills needed defense. BrianG at Buffalo Rumblings described the pick as "Mehhhhh."

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:FINALLY! A trade. Carolina is trading their #14 pick the the NY Jets. Lots of picks swapped. Jets did give up one of their second round picks. So, a trade with Indy now is done.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:Jets take a CB: Revis. Good move by New York. Pittsburgh is now on the clock. It is really starting to look like Jacksonville will have a chance to draft Quinn.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:And just like that, Justin Harrell is taken by Green Bay. Smart pick by GB. The Packers are rebuildign with defense. With Harrell and Hawk clogging the middle, the Packers might now be a playoff team. For the Colts, DT is still the biggest need. Bigger than CB. Guys like Quin Pitcock and Mebane are still around, and might still be there in round 3.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:The Denver Broncos just traded with the Jags. THANK GOD! I did not want Brady Quinn in the AFC South. Denver might have traded up to get DT Alan Branch, just as TheSportsGuru predicted in the SB Nation mock draft.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:Denver takes DE Jarvis Moss. Denver needed a pass rusher and got one. BTW, it is still possible the Jags will get Quinn. The Jags pick at #21, and none of the teams before them are taking Quinn.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]: Sexy Suzy Kolber is saying the Chiefs are interested in Quinn. If KC gets Quinn, it's the steal of the draft.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:That bullet the Colts just dodged was Brady Quinn in the AFC South. Jacksonville takes S Reggie Nelson.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]:Cleveland Browns trade to get Dallas' pick and selet Brady Brown. Nice pick. Dawgs By Nature's team is having a solid draft thus far.

Update [2007-4-28 16:48:17 by BigBlueShoe]: So, not unlike our mock draft, the Patriots reach for a safety. But, instead of Eric Weddle, they take Brandon Merriweather. They need someone to replace Rodney Harrison, who might be done.