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THE SKY IS FALLING... and Randy Moss got traded to the Patriots too

That which you smell is Desperation, a new colgone by the New England Patriots
I'll allow you all the opportunity to freak out and scream at the fact that WR Randy Moss was just traded to the New England Patriots.

"OH MY GOD! Brady's going to have Moss to throw to now! Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! We're doomed I tell you! DOOOOOOOOOMED! Just hand the trophy to New England. Why even play the season!"

Folks, here's my take on this: This changes nothing. Randy Moss is a lazy, stupid, weak player that will often take plays off if he just doesn't feel like playing hard. While he brings a tremendous amount of talent to the Patriots, there is a reason he has essentially been kicked off two teams.

The arrogance of the Patriots is that the "winning" environment of New England will turn Moss around, that the leadership of Belichick, Brady, Bruschi, and Harrison will get his head straight. Sorry Patriots fans, but it ain't going to work. Moss will continue to take plays off, piss off teammates, and rely mostly on his talent (and not hard work) when he plays.

This offseason has smelled of desperation for the Patriots. They have spent a lot of money on free agents, which is something they have never done in the past. In fact, the past few years, Patriots fans laughed at other teams for making big free agent splashes (like the Colts when they got Simon and Vinatieri), saying that building from within was best, not free agency.

Amazing what an 18 point second half choke job can do for a front office's physique.

So, from a talent standpoint, the Patriots really upgraded their WR position. However, football is so much more than just talent. This is why less talented WRs like Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt, and Hines Ward are BETTER than Moss. So, the Moss trade will make big headlines and will fire up the Patriots fanbase. Good.

It will maing kicking their butts again all the sweeter.