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2007 NFL Draft: Day Two Picks

Roy Hall breaks MasterRWayne's heart as he punks this Indiana University DB

In round four, the Colts decided to go defense first and took (shock, shock) a safety: Brannon Condren out of Troy. There's not a lot of scouting reports on Condren, except that the dude runs a 4.47. New Era Scouting stated the Colts were interested in him, and per usual they are right. The other fourth round pick was LB Clint Session, who seems like a David Thornton clone. He's undersized, fast, works hard, and has a constant motor. Linebacker is a big need for the Colts in terms of depth, and hopefully Session can provide some.

In the fifth round, the Colts might have snagged a gem in CB Michael Coe. NFL Draft Countdown calls him, "A guy who quietly emerged as one of the top sleeper prospects in this draft." Coe is strong, physical, and might fit in well as a special teamer or a backup Cover 2 DB. After taking Coe, the Indianapolis Buckeyes... er, excuse me, Colts took yet another player from Ohio State: WR Roy Hall. I guess it is safe to say Bill Polian was impressed with the talent Ohio State massed in 2006. Hall is the second OSU wideout the Colts have taken this draft. Hall is a bit of an off pick for the Colts. He's tall. He's fast. He's lanky. He doesn't run great routes. However, he works hard and has top intangibles. So, maybe they feel they can coach him, because his size and speed are very intriguing.

Keyunta Dawson, a LB out of of Texas Tech was taken with th final pick in the draft for the Colts. He played defensive end in college, but I'm not sure he's a starter or back-up as a LB, but more of a special teamer.

I'll have a recap of the whole Colts draft up later after the SB Nation Sports Report tonight. In short, I'll say this: This is as good a draft as I've ever seen by the Colts and Bill Polian.