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Undrafted free agent rookies signed

Free agent rookies are often just as important, and sometimes more important, than the draft itself or some of the big name free agents. Dominic Rhodes was a free agent rookie in 2001. Gary Brackett was one in 2003. This year, the Colts have signed these guys so far:

Clifton Dawson, RB, Harvard
KaMichael Hall, LB, Georgia Tech
Brandon Archer, LB, Kansas State
Ramel Meekins, DT, Rutgers
Ramon Guzman, OLB, Buffalo
Johnny Harline, TE, BYU  

KaMichael Hall was someone I expected the Colts to draft in my mock draft. Glad to see he got a contract and will get a chance to make the team. Clifton Dawson has all the right tools to be a RB for the Colts, but he played for Harvard (which means he didn't play REAL football in college). Johnny Harline was the TE for BYU that punked Oregon in the Vegas Bowl.

Update [2007-4-30 16:47:9 by BigBlueShoe]:Texas A&M SS Melvin Bullitt was signed today as well.