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Mike Doss signs with Vikings, re-joins coach Leslie Frazier

One of the guys I left off the list of players in my What has been lost, if anything post was Mike Doss. I left him off because I thought Indy would re-sign him, but that is not the case anymore. Today, PFT and NFL Network are reporting Doss signed with the Minnesota Vikings. That's a smart move by Doss. The move re-unites him with Vikings DC Leslie Frazier. Frazier was Doss's position coach last season with the Colts. Doss played some of the best football of his career in 2006, and I firmly believe Frazier was a big reason why. Mike lost his normal starting job to a 6th round rookie in training camp. But, rather than act like a Pacman, Doss took the demotion in stride. When Bob Sanders got hurt early in the season, Doss stepped in and played brilliant football. The Colts problems stopping the run really got bad when Doss went down for the year against the Redskins. Without Sanders and Doss, the Colts didn't have any safeties capable of stopping the run. It wasn't until Sanders returned that the run defense got squared away.

Our good friend Gonzo, who blogs the Vikes over at Daily Norseman, has a diary up asking about Doss. Mike will fit in just fine in Minnesota's Cover 2 scheme, and he will solidify their already stout run defense. Mike's one weakness is pass coverage, but if the Vikes get a good FS that can cover ground quickly, Doss's weakness can be hidden. Mike's a great pick-up for the Vikes, and we Colts fans will miss him.