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Who the Hell will they draft? Part 3

Victor Abiamiri, DE from Notre Dame, asks, "Are you not entertained!"

Last year, it was pretty clear that running back was a position of need going into the draft. This year, it's DT. In fact, pretty much EVERY YEAR a position of need is DT, even last year. Prior to the Corey Simon signing, and the later trade for Anthony McFarland, the Colts DT situation was dismal. Now, it is respectable; sometimes dominant. However, it all falls apart if McFarland goes down. Without McFarland, the Colts defense might as well not take the field. Both he and Bob Sanders ARE the defense. Everyone else is secondary, including Dwight Freeney.

For this reason, it is very important to find a good DT in the draft. But who? I browsed places like NFL Draft Countdown and read through their evaluations of DTs, and none of the major names (top 10 evaluated) fit what the Colts look for. The Colts like quick, fast, penetrating DTs whose job is to get between the offensive linemen and get in the backfield. They look for gaps in the o-line rather than engage the o-line, allowing the linebackers to blitz and make plays. I did notice recently that has some articles up (you have to pay to view them, which is total BS on ColtPower's part) talking about how the Colts have several college DEs visiting the team. Since the Colts have both Freeney and Mathis (along with Josh Thomas and Raheem Brock), I highly doubt the Colts are looking for a DE.

Instead, I think they are looking at college DEs they think they can convert to Cover 2 DTs.

One such college DE that I think they have interest in is Ray McDonald out of Florida. He has experience at both DT and DE. He's a high motor guy with the ability to  "penetrate and make plays in the backfield." He's also one of these "top intangibles" guys. You know, the kind that works hard, plays hard; the stuff you, as fans, expect from a guy getting paid a million bucks a year to play football for a living. It is very possible the Colts could take McDonald with the 32nd pick, or trade down into the second round and grab him or DE Victor Abiamiri out of Notre Dame. Abiamiri is another "top intangibles" guy who runs fast, makes plays in the backfield and tackles well. NFL Draft Countdown states he has tons of upside.

Both McDonald and Abiamiri are about 6'3'' weighing between 265-275. That is about right for a Colts DT. Don't be surprised to see either one of these guys (or maybe both) drafted on the first day of the NFL Draft.