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The Buckeyes have it!

Sean blogs for SB Nation's Ohio State site: Around the Oval. He did a breakdown of Buckeyes drafted this past weekend. With three Buckeyes taken by the Colts, Sean asks his readers, Are we all Colts fans now? Here's Sean's breakdown:

Anthony Gonzalez - 32nd Pick - Indianapolis - I think this was the smartest pick of a Buckeye in the draft. Before the draft, I had planned to write about how Gonzo shouldn't have slipped past the end of the first round, about how some team got a steal. Lo and behold, the Colts were thinking the same way and drafted him right where I thought he should have gone. He's going to be a great fit in Indy. Teams have to pay attention to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, so Gonzo is going to be covered by a linebacker, safety, or nickel back. In no time, he'll be settling into holes in zones and picking up third downs just like he did the past couple years with the Buckeyes.

Quinn Pitcock - 98th Pick - Indianapolis - I had planned to mention QP along with Gonzo as a player that shouldn't have slipped as far as he did. I think Pitcock should have gone in the second round, so the Colts got a steal here, in my opinion. The pundits seem to be of the opinion that Pitcock's a bit of an overachiever who won't be that good in the NFL. I've also heard him called undersized; it's a strange world where a 6'3", 300-pound man can be called small. I don't expect Pitcock to turn into a Pro Bowler or anything, but I think he'll be a solid starter for the Colts. The guy was great for Ohio State, as he made a pretty average set of linebackers look good last season. He was equally good against the run and the pass, he did a good job against double teams, and he spent quite a bit of time in the backfield, especially for a defensive tackle. I think he'll see quite a bit of playing time for the Colts this season.

Roy Hall - 169th Pick - Indianapolis - This is what a fantastic pro day will do for you. Roy Hall was the 3rd or 4th receiver last season, but after he turned in a killer performance at OSU's pro day (including a 4.38 forty), Hall moved up draft boards enough for the Colts to take him in the fifth round. This is sort of a low-risk/high-reward pick for Indy. If Hall doesn't do any better than he did at OSU, they only spent a fifth-round pick on him. But if he reaches his potential, they got him cheap. I was never especially impressed with Hall, but hopefully his pro day performance is a sign of things to come. He might end up as a tight end or an H-back in the NFL, and in Indianapolis a look as a tight end seems likely.