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Leeching players from the NFC East

I realize that the last time the Colts signed a recently released DT from the Philadelphia Eagles, it turned into the fiasco we now call "Corey Simon." Still, despite what Polian thinks of Simon, Corey did help the Colts defense go from a joke to a force in just one season. On Friday, the Eagles released DT Sam Rayburn, and unlike Simon (a first round pick), Rayburn was brought to their team several years ago as an undrafted free agent rookie. He didn't meet Philly's expectations last year, and they cut him. Rayburn is 6'3'', 300 pounds and seems ideal for the Tampa 2 DT spot. He has good quickness and a high motor. Effort is first rate, and he can get in the backfield and cause problems. He might be worth a chance.

Speaking of the NFC East, there's been some decent write-ups on Julius Jones, the disgruntled Cowboys RB. Basically, he isn't happy in Dallas, and Dallas isn't happy with him. Since Jones is a known split-carry back, I figure a 5th round pick should net him. He'd fit in perfectly with the Colts stretch play offense, and work as a change-of-pace back along with Joseph Addai. Dungy says DeDe Dorsey is the man. Sorry, but if Indy has a shot at Julius Jones, I'll take him over some guy named DeDe anyday.

In other news, a good write-up on Clint Session is here. It seems the Colts are very high on him. I hope he can play Special Teams, because that's where the biggest need is.