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Kevin Hench- ignorant hack

Stupidity now has a mascot
Apparently, Fox Sports is willing to employ any old schmuck with a opinion to their on-line writing staff. In the wake of the NBA's Dirk Nowitzki winning the MVP award despite the fact that his #1 ranked Maveriacks were booted from the post-season by the #8 seeded Golden State Warriors, every sports writer, and their momma, is compiling a list of the "Ten Worst MVPs." Fox Sports' Kevin Hench seem to think that both MVPs won by Manning (in 2003 and 2004) were #7 and #3 respectively in the History's 10 Most Undeserving MVPs.

I've cooled down a bit after reading Hench's moron list. I really can't blame him. He's an ignorant fool who has no business writing about sports because, quite simply, he doesn't know or understand the field in which he writes about. My anger is really directed towards Fox Sports for hiring this waste of space and giving him a sounding platform.

I don't need to justify Manning's MVPs in 2003 and 2004. He's been the MVP of the league the last four years, easy. He could have won in over Shawn Alexander and LaDanian Tomlinson the past two years. Manning is the most dominate player in the NFL, period. The problem here with Hench is that he is simply ignorant of the MVP selecting process. Look at his reasonings for saying Manning was undeserving of his MVPs:


Could this have set up any better for Tom Brady? After McNair and Manning shared MVP honors they both had to come to the House that Brady Built in the playoffs. Brady dispatched them both before winning the only MVP award that matters: Super Bowl MVP. Manning threw four picks in his loss at Foxboro.


Manning had perhaps the greatest regular season of any quarterback ever, throwing an NFL record 49 TD passes and posting an obscene 121.1 rating. But once again his playoff run was halted abruptly in the snow in Foxboro. After leading the Colts to almost 33 points a game during the regular season, Manning could only put up three points and a 69.3 QB rating in a 20-3 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champs.

Basically, this numb-nutted idiot is saying that Manning was undeserving of his two NFL MVPs because he played very well in the regular season, but lost to New England. That is this guy's reasoning.

I... I cannot begin to describe the level of sheer blind, f-ing annoyance I feel towards Fox Sports for giving this puss sack a column on their site. The next time you write an article about league Most Valuable Players, it might help him to actually know the criteria for selecting a league MVP. The NFL MVP award is not given at the end of the playoffs. The MVP is selected at the end of the regular season. So, naturally, what the winner does during the regular season is going to get factored into the equation. Voters can't factor in the playoffs because THE HAVEN'T HAPPENED YET!!! And even if it were given out after the playoffs (for whatever dumb reason), Manning would still have won his two MVPs. You don't discount a entire season's work based on one game.

If you couldn't tell, Hench has a big hard on for Tom Brady. Hench better watch it because if he gets too close to Tom, he might impregnate him. It is "reporting" like this that makes me scratch my head and wonder how these writers get the gigs they get. I know 19-year-olds who blog for SB Nation with a better basic knowledge of the MVP process than Hench, who has the writing IQ of a retarded chimp suffering through an epileptic fit.

I mean, seriously, both of Manning's MVP are in the top ten most undeserved of all time! ALL TIME! And the reasoning? It has nothing to do with what he did during the regular seasons in 2003 and 2004, because he put up numbers that shattered record books, won his division twice, and carried the Colts into the playoffs. No, the reason Manning was undeserving of the MVPs is because he lost to the Patriots. Oh, and apparently Tom Brady was more deserving because... well, he's Tom Brady.

Here's a thought: Tomlinson won the NFL this season, but lost the only playoff game he played in. Manning had a great regular season, won the Super Bowl, and BEAT NEW ENGLAND along the way... twice. Where is Tomlinson on Hench's top ten most undeserving, with Manning being the more deserving?

Oh whatever. Why apply logic to an obvious Manning-hater's ignorant piece? This guy should be bagging groceries, and not writing about sports.