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Mini-Camp begins!

Ok, I'm ready for some friggin' football. I expect no one, save maybe WCG, feels any pity for me. Guys like Dave the Falconer and TheSportsGuru have been football-less since December. We Colts fans were lucky enough to watch our team in February. But that doesn't mean the football withdraw is any less painful.


Fortunately, the Colts started veterans and rookies mini-camp today. It's the last "mandatory" all team gathering before Training Camp, which begins in late July. Last year this time, the big questions centered around replacing Edgerrin James and fixing the offensive line. Those questions were answered, and then some. Now, the microscope will fall on the secondary and linebacker positions. Both areas lost key players, but their replacements are also highly regarded.

For those of you with NFL Network, I hate you. Actually, no. I hate Time Warner for not giving me the Mecca of all cable channels. NFL Network will likely carry live feeds from mini-camp. When I get news on events at mini-camp, I shall post them.

Update [2007-5-16 14:22:53 by BigBlueShoe]: Pat Kirwan at has a good article on what to expect from rookie DTs in 2007, including Quinn Pitcock. He also lets us know that Vincent "Sweat Pea" Burns is out of football. Another great third round pick by Polian.

Update [2007-5-17 17:1:37 by BigBlueShoe]: Correction, veterans and rookies mini-camp starts May 18th.