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Tossing Shoes: Those sissy Steelers

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Every week I'll have at least one "Tossing Shoes" post where I talk about Colts news along with general league news. Around this time of the year, teams are involved in mini-camps, OTAs, and other forms of training as they lead up to Training Camp and the pre-season. Here's some shoe tossing for you, NFL style:

  • I wrote earlier that the Steelers are integrating a new offense based one what the Colts use, and players and coaches in Steel Town seem to have a problem with it. Bruce Arians, a former QB coach in Indy, is now the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh. As a QB coach, he'll be a big help for Big Ben. However, if he is truly implementing the Colts system, you can officially write the Steelers off folks, because Ben Roethlisberger is too friggin' stupid to work a no-huddle attack and call his own plays. The funny thing about this is many Steelers players aren't thrilled about this new system:
    Every time you mention the Colts or the reality that a four-wide set on first down seems somewhat finesse, a Steelers player or coach quickly delivers a missive about toughness and physicality. Nobody wants the general public thinking this franchise is abandoning smashmouth - a Pittsburgh football ideal that has morphed into a state of being in this town.
    LOL. That's right. The Colts offense looked really "finesse" running all over Baltimore, New England, and Chicago in the playoffs, didn't it. It looked finesse rushing for 4 TDs against Philly. Hilarious how some of these Pittsburgh coaches and players still have their heads up their asses when it comes to modern football. And since when have we seen the Colts use a 4 WR set? If Arians is deploying sets like that, he isn't modeling the Colts. The basic philosophy of the Colts is to use a stretch run play, deploying two WRs and two TEs, that allows a single running back to cut back against the follow of the o-line and d-line, find a hole in the lines, and take off. From that set, it allows you to the option to play fake and make big play via the passing game. Players like Parker and Ward will thrive big time in this system if (and it is a big IF) Roethlisberger can get the job done. Also, side note, the Steelers beat the Colts in the playoffs two years ago not by running the ball, but by throwing it. Welcome to the 21st century, Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • I know Acme Packing Company has to defend Brett Favre for his recent whining about not wanting to attend Packers mini-camp. Brett is Brandon's boy. However, in this case Brandon is wrong. Mini-camp is mandatory for everyone, injured or healthy. No exceptions. Peyton Manning attends mini-camps and all OTAs, and if he ever whined about attending, I'd throw him under the bus as well. No one player is above his team, no matter how good he is. There's no excuse for Favre not attending. He's under contract to attend. It doesn't matter if he's healthy or hurt. He must be there. It doesn't matter that his daughter is graduating high school. It doesn't matter if he's not the "mentoring type" for Aaron Rodgers. It doesn't matter. He. Must. Attend. And there's no excuse for him not attending. Football fans do not pay Brett simply to play football. We pay him to attend mandatory camps he is under contract to attend. Attending these camps is part of playing football.
  • What is with all these Bears players wanting out of Chicago? They were in the Super Bowl, weren't they? First Thomas Jones. Then, Lance Briggs. Now, Alex Brown. What is going on in Chi-Town?
  • Interesting 360 degree view of the new Colts stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium (or, The Lube as I like to call it).