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Shoe Tossing: Freeney at Mini-Camp

With Mini-Camp in full swing, we can start analyzing the off-season a bit and get a sense of how different the 2007 team is from the 2006 one. With that in mind, here are the shoe tossings:

Despite the fact that he has no contract with the Colts yet, Dwight Freeney is present at Mini-Camp. While he is not practicing or lifting (which is smart), he is attending meetings and tutoring young players. Note to Brett Favre: This is how professionals conduct themselves.

Apparently, Indy's off-season was not sexy enough for Andy Schrager at Fox Sports. He ranked the Colts off-season 19 out of 32. However, unlike Andy's dumbass colleague at Fox Sports (Kevin Hench), Andy Schrager makes some good observations:

Everyone's handing the 2007 AFC Championship over to New England, but it's still the Colts' to give away. There are certainly some question marks, though. Can Joseph Addai carry the load without Dominic Rhodes? Will rookies be able to replace reliable veterans in the defensive backfield? Is the defensive line good to go? Personally, I think the Colts are in a great place ... and would not be shocked to see them playing in Glendale next February.
Well Andy, I have to ask: If you think Indy is in such a "great place" and you'd be "shocked" if they weren't playing in the Super Bowl this year, why grade their off-season 19th out of 32 teams? Andy graded Kansas City's off-season better than the Colts, and all they did was lose their entire offensive line and they can't find anyone to take their starting QB off their hands.

Once again, another Manning v. Brady comparison. Our old friend Andrew Perloff at SI ranks all 32 starting QBs. He has Manning listed as #1, Brady at #2. That's fine. Of course, in the comments section of Perloff's blogs, the dork Patriots trolls are screaming their heads off. Guys, the only argument you have had against Manning was that he supposedly "couldn't win the big one." Now that he has, you ain't got a leg to stand on.

Despite his correct ranking of Manning over Brady, Perloff's list past Manning and Brady is a bit dumb. Vince Young is ranked #14, over Chad Pennington, Brett Favre, and Steve McNair. Michael Vick is ranked 10th in the league. 10th. That's... that's just stupidity defined. We at Stampede Blue wonder if Perloff has actually watched any NFL games not featuring Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

EtVal over at Big Blue View, our Giants blog, has a good piece on former-Colt Mike Vanderjagt's the fall from grace. Good read.