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Mini-Camp is over... and what did we learn?

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So, Mini-Camp is concluded. What did we learn?

  • Freddie Keiaho is the starting WILL with virtually no one challenging him. This is a little disturbing in that last season Gardner was the undisputed hier apparent to the WILL position at LBer when David Thornton bolted. We know how that turned out. Keiaho, like Gardner, was a third round pick. We know how third round picks have faired in the Polian era. I am cautionously optimistic re: Keiaho. I really feel he should compete for the job with Sessions and Hagler, and the player with the best Training Camp and pre-season should get the job.
  • Bob Sanders is hurt. Shocking, I know. They almost go hand-in-hand now. Bacon and eggs. Burger and fries. Bob Sanders and hurt. He is recovering from surgery on his shoulder. To date, Sanders has had a broken foot, and surgerically repaired knee, and now a shoulder injury in just three years of play. Also, with all the turnover in the secondary, Bob is now the VETERAN of the group. That's right. Bob Sanders (26), drafted in 2004 is now the oldest member of the Colts defensive backfield. Insanity. With his new role as "elder statesman," Bob felt it prudent to comment on the state of the Colts secondary::
    Since I've been here, this is probably the best group I've seen come in, as far as DBs. They're running it. They're putting it on the field.

    I think we'll have a good, solid bunch next year.
    Hmmmm, high praise, Mr. Sanders. High praise.
  • NFL Network reported that the Colts will still employ their two-RB offense. This likely means that Addai will start and a new back will get 15 carries a game.
  • Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are the starting corners. Tim Jennings is the nickel back. Supposedly, last season the coaching staff gave serious consideration to starting Hayden over Jason David. This is surprising seeing as it was Marlin Jackson that was really pushing David. Regardless, the Colts corners might actually be BETTER this season than last season.
  • Dungy was not present yesterday at the final day of camp. He attended his daughter's graduation. Assistant coach Jim Caldwell ran the practices.
Now, the Colts go into their 14 scheduled Off-season Training Activities (OTAs) as we all gear up for Training Camp, which begins July 30th.