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Will Indianapolis host the Super Bowl in 2011?

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I've purposely avoided discussing this topic because, like many Indianapolis residents, I did not think there was a chance in hell that Indy would host a Super Bowl. However, with the information coming out the last few days, the possibility of Indy hosting the big game is transforming from wild, wet dream fantasy into potential reality.

Today, delegates representing the cities of the three finalist cities for the 2011 Super Bowl will meet with the NFL owners to pitch why their city is best suited for the 2011 Super Bowl. The finalist cities are Phoenix, Dallas, and Indianapolis. For Dallas, NFL legend and former-Cowboys QB Roger Staubach will led a delegation to sway the owners to have the game in Dallas. For Indianapolis, Tony Dungy will make his case. Obviously, as a resident of Indianapolis, I am biased here. However, if I resided in Chicago, Cincy, Cleveland, Springfield, Louisville, St. Louis, or Peoria, I don't think my opinion on this matter would alter all that much:

It is absolutely vital that the NFL pick Indianapolis because the NFL needs to hold a Super Bowl in the Midwest.

Hopefully, the NFL owners will see the value in having the greatest championship event in America held in America's heartland. The fact that Indy's new Lucas Oil Stadium (The Lube) will have a re-tractable roof and temperature controls allows the possibility for snow and weather to have an affect on the game, just like rain did last year. The decision on the 2011 Super Bowl location is today at 2pm Eastern. Stay tuned.