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Over it

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Ok, I'm over the NFL bypassing Indianapolis in favor of "North Texas" for the Super Bowl in 2011. The final vote was 17-15. We can speculate all we want on how Jerry Jones has some NFL owners by the balls, but the bottom line is Jones' new stadium can hold 100,000 people, which means more bread for the NFL as opposed to what they could get from Indy. Forget the fact that Jones' new stadium is not in Dallas or Fort Worth, but literally out in the middle of no-where. So, convenience was certainly not considered when picking the venue. But, then again, the Super Bowl is not for NFL fans. It is for corporate big wigs, rich fat cats, and other people that usually leave a slim trail wherever they go. Normal, everyday, regular salary fans (you know, the people that really PAY for the stuff this league peddles) have a better chance of having quick sex in the john with Keira Knightly than they do getting tickets to the Super Bowl.

But whatever, I'm over it. Lucas Oil Stadium (aka, The Lube) has a beautiful design and, unlike Jones' stadium, whose design confirms for me that Jerry Jones has an inferiority complex, it's actually located right in downtown Indy. So, things like college bowl games will eventually find their way to Indy. This will continue to spark the Indianapolis economy bringing money and attention to businesses in downtown. This was the purpose of the stadium. It was not built SOLELY to get the Super Bowl in 2011. The fact that Indy was neck-in-neck with "North Texas" (Arizona had no chance) speaks volumes to how far we've come. Soon, a Super Bowl will come to Indy, creating continued growth and expansion to a very booming metropolis.

There. Now I'm over it. Now, onto Colts news and thoughts:

  • There will be no further Tarik Glenn bashing on this site. The guy can false start as many times as he likes. He can show up fat to camp. I don't care. Glenn has quietly established himself as the best LT in football. While meatheads like Jonathan Ogden (who still wakes up in cold sweats dreaming about Dwight Freeney) got all the press attention, we all knew Glenn was better. Unlike Ogden, Glenn can actually block and neutralize speed rushers. Matt Light in New England is great at this as well. Light, like Glenn, is better than Ogden. Always has been. Anyway, the reason I am giving Glenn a pass is because of this:
    Rookies have been told by Colts coaches to watch and learn from veterans, and veterans are told to lead by example.
    Some veterans do more than serve as role models. [Tony] Ugoh said veteran offensive tackle Tarik Glenn has worked extensively with him the last two days, something that's a help as a young player trying to learn a new system.
    "I'm still learning and taking it in," Ugoh said. "I'm trying to absorb everything in and take it in. I'm like a sponge, pretty much. I watch to see how they're doing things and Tarik has helped me out tremendously. I'm pretty much just listening to him and pretty much just following him, doing what he does."

    Understand folks, this is likely Tarik Glenn's last season in Indy. He's a free agent next year, and as the premiere LT in football, he is going to get offered a HUGE free agent contract. If a moron like Jerry Jones can offer a mega contract to a scrub like Leonard Davis, Tarik Glenn will become the highest paid offensive lineman in football next year. This means the Colts will likely not re-sign them, which is why they drafted Ugoh. He will replace Glenn. However, rather than act like a prima donna jerk, ala Joe Montana to Steve Young in SF, Glenn has taken Ugoh under his wing and is teaching him. He doesn't have to do this. No one told him to. He's doing this because that is who Tarik is: A professional. Tarik has been, and always will be, one of my favorite Colts. If and when he leaves, his number should be retired.
  • You think Peyton is happy with just one ring? Think again.
  • If you haven't already listened to it, check out Tuesday night's SBNSR with myself and TheSportsGuru. We had Will Leitch of Deadspin on and he had some funny, and important, things to say about sports blogging.
  • Dungy likes the rookies. That's good. The Colts are pretty much screwed if the rookies suck. So, it's good they are liked.
  • RiverCityRage, our once resident Jags fan who now blogs for Big Cat Country, has but together a discussion regarding small market teams surviving in the NFL. His initial post on this subject is outstanding. I highly recommend you venture over there and read it. Jimmy from MCM and Sean from POD are also chiming in.
  • Keyshawn Johnson, WR, was the first overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. For roughly 11 seasons, he played mediocre football, insulted teammates, insulted coaches, got kicked off the Tamap Bay Bucs, and wrote a book about how he is the best WR in history. In reality, despite being drafted #1 overall in 1996, MeShawn wasn't even the best WR taken in that draft. Guys like Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, and even Terry Glenn have always been better than Johnson. MeShawn always seemed to have a big beef with Marvin especially. We all remember Johnson's chatter during the 2003 MNF game between his Bucs and the Colts. He questioned Marvin's greatness, only to watch his team choke away a big lead thanks to the play of Marvin Harrison. That game destroyed the Bucs, and in many ways destroyed Keyshawn. No one has really cared for him since. Keyshawn retired the other day, and is moving on to the only place that encourages me-first personalities and annoying jibber-jabber: ESPN.
  • A site called Rankopedia has Manning ranked as the 5th all time QB. Montana is #1. Brady is #9. They also have Marvin Harrison as the #2 WR of all time, behind Jerry Rice. MeShawn, drafted #1 overall in 1996, isn't on the list.