Two Back System

If you need reassurance that a two back system is the way to go, check out Mike Wilkening's game notes during the Colts' 2002 blow-out loss to the Jets at pro Football Weekly.  Here are some highlights:

14:09 -- Sam Cowart hits Edgerrin James for a one-yard gain. James needs an offseason of rest, as he isn't running with the speed or agility he once had.

10:39 -- James gets two yards, then is stuffed by Jets LB Mo Lewis. Indianapolis needs to quell the momentum if it wants to stay in this.

9:20 -- Colts RB James Mungro runs left for two yards and picks up a first down. This is big for the Colts. If the Colts are to have a shot, Mungro must get the bulk of the carries.

5:30 -- James leveled for a loss on first down. Colts head coach Tony Dungy needs to get Mungro in there, and now.

3:09 -- The Jets force Manning to burn a timeout. He's talking to James as ABC goes to commercial. That James is still in the game boggles the mind.

2:14 -- James is stuffed on a 3rd-and-1 play for a loss of three. The Colts are punting from their own 15. At best, they hold the Jets to three here, the way I see it. Either way, the Colts are in deep trouble.

3:32 -- The camera pans to Manning, who looks cold and in need of a running game. Meanwhile, Pennington, who has had all day to throw today, hits Moss for a first down. Dungy hasn't done enough to pressure Pennington.

3:50 -- Mungro breaks a nice run to the Jets' 21. Why wasn't he in from the start?

0:00 -- Game over. As Arute interviews Edwards, I see a few Colts players milling around, smiling. After Arute finishes, I see Walt Harris talking to a Jets player and smiling. I don't get it. If I were a Colts fan, I would throw a brick through the television.

And what happens the first year Manning has a viable run option at the end of the season instead of one worn out runningback with noodle legs?  A Superbowl ring.

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