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It's called analysis guys

I'm sure Keith Kenton can average 3.4 a rush behind our line.
The two biggest knocks against the Colts this off-season is they lost Dominic Rhodes and their two starting CBs. Some, like Vic Carucci of, say the loss of Cato June was the biggest blow. Marshall Faulk on NFL Network called Cato June the "Peyton Manning of the defense," providing us fans with concrete proof that Marshall Faulk does not watch the teams he's asked to comment on. Anyone who watched the Colts last year knows Cato June can't tackle. Cato is a great coverage linebacker, but go back to that Jacksonville game in December and tell me that Cato is the "Manning of the defense." That game cost Cato his job, and it is why he got punked in the free agency market. Meanwhile, New England added a plethora of unknown or washed-up WRs, and all of a sudden that makes them the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Again, this is why blogs are best to get actual, real, useful football information, and not the same regurgitated crap that gets spewed by media pundits, like this donkey-faced loser.

If you look deeper, you'll see that losing Rhodes isn't such a big deal. Just like losing Edgerrin James last season didn't hurt this club, losing Rhodes will simply mean someone like DeDe Dorsey, Keith Kenton, or perhaps a re-signed James Mungro will step in and provide the 3.4 yards-per-carry average Rhodes provided last year. As far as the DBs are concerned, the only thing that really worries me is depth, not the starters.

Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden are as good as Jason David and Nick Harper, and that is saying something because I'm a big fan of Jason and Nick. Neither Harper nor David are particularly fast. They just know what they are doing, and do it well. Jackson and Hayden actually have more talent and size over those two, and both came up huge in big moments last season. Remember, Nick Harper did not play much in the Super Bowl. Kelvin Hayden did, and it was Hayden that sealed the deal with his INT return for a TD. Marlin Jackson ended New England's season by intercepting Tom Brady in the final seconds of the AFCCG. He also started several games last season at CB and at safety.

So, it's not like these guys aren't battle tested. They know what to do and are proven.

It's the depth at secondary that worries me. If Tim Jennings and Daymeion Hughes turn out to suck harder than the DC Madame, then Houston we have a problem. I personally don't think that's the case because we would have seen some movement via free agency after the mini-camps if Dungy and Polian were really concerned.

So really, if you do what analysts are supposed to do and actually ANALYZE things, it's not New England's WRs that are the story. The story really is has New England done enough defensively to stop the Colts. Indy has scored at will against New England the last three meetings. Much of the Patriots' problems can be traced right to their LBers and their secondary. Even their vaunted defensive line hasn't done much. Want proof? Remember Jeff Saturday pwning Vince Wolfork in the game-winning Colts TD in the AFCCG?

I usually like a side of eggs with my pancake, but that's just me.