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Corey Simon is on the Colts roster

Have you seen me?

Have you seen this man? His name is Corey, and at one time he was the starting defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts. He was really good for the Colts. While the stats didn't reflect this, it was no coincidence that his arrival helped shore up a historically porous run defense. Guys like Montae Reagor and Larry Tripplett had career years in 2005 because Corey would command a double team. Since 2005, Corey has been missing. We all know the story (mystery injury during training camp turned into a mystery illness that cost Corey his 2006, pissed off Colts management, and resulted in a grievance filed by Corey against the Colts).

Since training camp in 2006, we haven't seen Corey... until a few days ago. For some reason, Corey's name appeared on the 2007 active roster for the Colts. We're not sure why his name is there seeing as no one has actually seen the man in several months. We've heard rumors that his conditioning is bad, that he doesn't want to play football anymore, and that Bill Polian thinks he was the biggest free agent mistake in Colts history.

Despite all these rumors, there's Corey's name and number on the active roster:

Stop... messing... with my... head...

Now, I don't understand why the Colts organization feels the need to torture me in this way. I spent most of the 2006 season blogging about Corey Simon. When will he be back? What's wrong with him? Does he hate the Colts? Will he ever play football again? I even considered changing the site name to "Corey's Corral" I was talking about him so much (ok, kidding there). And just when I thought it was obvious Corey was gone, toast, hasta-lasagna-don't-get-any-on-ya, low and behold his name appears on the 2007 roster. Excuse me for a moment:


There. I've let it out. I can now return to my obsessive little world where I wonder, hope, and pray that a healthy Corey Simon will return to the Colts defensive line, paired with Booger McFarland to make the best tackle tandem in football.

Yes, I can dream.