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Yes, the two-back system will stay and yes, Ohio State will increase the fanbase

Some quick hits from around the league and around this site:

  • You want a good example of why the two-back set should stay, check out will's Two Back System diary. In it, he references the horror show that was the 2002 AFC playoff game against the Jets. The moral of the diary: We should have used it more when Edgerrin was here.
  • Masson's got a funny diary about meeting A Gonzo's dad. I'm starting to think the Polian picked all these OSU players just to increase the Colts' fanbase.
  • Bob Sanders is a free agent next year. Once again this year, Bob starts the season hurt. This is the third time in four years he's started the season hurt. His only fully healthy season was 2005. Makes you wonder if Bob should get a long-term deal. Tip to hulett55 for the diary.
  • Once again, Corey Simon continues to haunt me. This time, from a bowling alley:
    Among celebrity bowlers scheduled to participate are at least 10 Colts players: middle linebacker Gary Brackett, Brock, defensive end Dwight Freeney, cornerback Kelvin Hayden, cornerback Marlin Jackson, defensive tackle Dan Klecko, defensive tackle Darrell Reid, safety Bob Sanders, defensive tackle Corey Simon and wide receiver Reggie Wayne.
    I can't... I can't take it anymore! When, WHEN will we know whether or not this guy will play again for the Colts!
  • More love for the new Colts starting CBs. Again, the starters are good, perhaps better than last year. It's the depth I'm worried about. However, accoridng to the article, it seems I have no cause for worry as rookies Daymeion Hughes and Michael Coe are quite good. Jennings is the real wild card here.
  • Nice little fluff piece on Keith Kenton. Looks like this guy has a good shot to make the final roster. The article also talks about how Addai has taken up the mantle of leader. He is now showing the other RBs what to do. Whoever replaces Dom Rhodes will be a fine RB. Coach Gene Huey is the best RB coach in football, and he can make anyone look good.
  • The SB Nation football bloggers have posted another excelletn article on small market teams surviving in the NFL. This time around, SeanYuille at POD has an article up titled SB Nation Small Market Roundtable: Big, Shiny New Stadiums. Here's an excerpt:
    Aside from the actual building of [Detriot's Ford Field] stadium, one of the main things to focus on is the actual economic impact it has on the Lions and the city of Detroit. For the Lions specifically, it provides a brand new stadium that is top-notch and will serve as this team's home for the next however many years. Nearly every week, despite the team being so bad, the seats are almost always close to being filled. Overall, the Lions have benefited greatly already from Ford Field.

    Note to Bob Kravitz: This is why Lucas Oil (the Lube) Field is getting built. If a horrible team like the Lions is selling out Ford Field, which is a beautful stadium, than the Colts will do just fine selling out the Lube. Sean's article is the second article in a series of six discussing the NFL's small market teams. The first was penned by RiverCityRage over at Big Cat Country. This whole series of articles on this subject is very, very good. It's rare you get this kind of writing from bloggers this time of the year. Most other blogs are either not adding content, writing about cheerleaders, or interviewing the FSU Cowgirl. Now don't get me wrong: Me likes the hotties. I also like substantive writing, and this NFL Small Market series has some great articles so far.