Colts Rings???

First off, I'd life to say "Hi" as this is my first posting of any sort to SB.  Read my profile if you'd like to know more about me.

My question is, has anyone seen the actual design for the Colts' Rings that the players will be receiving tonight?  Is it really the look that I've been seeing on these pro-shop T-shirts?  The one that looks like it is made from some black metal with gold and silver accents?  I mean it's not bad but is that the real deal?

I am living in Arlington, but I do check out the Star's website every so often(someone has to read Kravitz's inane comments sometime).  I'm suprised they never ran a story about the completion of the design, especially how foward Irsay usually is with the media nowadays.  Anyway, I've expended all of Googling skills to the maximum extent, so I have to just ask for help from someone who might be a little bit more "in the know"

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