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The rings

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The Indy Star has an article about them. On one side they say "Faith," on the other side it says "Our Time."

I'm not a big fan of jewelry, but this is strong, simple, and classy... the way the Colts have always been. The picture is from a Colts message board.

Go Colts!

Update [2007-6-14 10:59:42 by BigBlueShoe]:New site commenter Bullard47 has some additional ring pics in his diary about the rings.

Update [2007-6-14 17:43:3 by BigBlueShoe]: I replaced the ring picture with one from Deadspin. Bullard47 informed us that the pic I had up their originally was not a ring given to players and coaches but rather "a "second-tier" ring, which is given to supporters of the team(sometimes staffers)." Thx for the clarification, Bullard47.

Also, according to Deadspin, comedian Sinbad was the host of the ring ceremony. Will at Deadspin found Sinbad's presence humorous:

If there's a better analogy for the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl than the fact that they had Sinbad host their rings ceremony, we can't think of one.
As you can see, Will is a bit upset that the Colts won the Super Bowl. One of Will's favorite things to do was bash Peyton Manning, and now that Manning is God Will is forced to look himself in the mirror and question what they hell he's done with his life these last 10 years.