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New SB Nation sites

One thing I have been bad, bad, BAD at of late is welcoming many of the new NFL football bloggers SB Nation has added. Since April, SB Nation has added a Buffalo Bills blogger, a NY Jets blogger, and as of yesterday we added a Baltimore Ravens blogger. Below are their site logos and links. Click the logo to go to their site, and welcome them:

Then, when you're done, tell them it is BBS's fault the welcome is so late. I was so bust bashing ESPN I forgot to welcome these fine and exciting to bloggers to our community.

We plan to add a Saints blogger very soon, leaving the magic number to two. We will have all but two NFL teams (Cards and Bolts) blogged for SB Nation. Last year this time, we had ten total NFL bloggers.


Update [2007-6-15 11:58:41 by BigBlueShoe]: Again, I'm a jerk. I neglected to include Jaxon, our new Carolina Panthers blogger who writes at Cat Scratch Reader. His logo and link are below: