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Consider yourself lucky your name is Peyton

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  • Newborns named "Peyton" are supposedly on the rise in Indiana. Maybe this guy's parents should have considered naming him after the greatest QB of all time. Original link: The Big Lead.
  • Corey Simon is gone. Thanks to MarkV0327 for posting about it in the diaries. Here's from the Indy Star article MarkV0327 cites:
    Look for the veteran defensive tackle to get his walking papers, perhaps after a final grievance with the Colts is resolved involving $1.9 million in '06 base salary.

    The latest sign Simon has played his final game for the Colts: He wasn't invited to Wednesday night's ring ceremony.

    Damn! Corey Simon just got this done to him.

  • Dwight Freeney is soon going to become the highest paid defense player in football. Currently, Nate Clements is the highest paid defensive player in football. Something is wrong with the universe when Nate friggin' Clements is making more money than Dwight Freeney.

  • SB Nation just added a new blog to our football community: Canal Street Chronicles, which covers the New Orleans Saints. Sunil is the head writer over there, and already I like his stuff:
    I like the idea of the blog-as-community. Take a look at the most popular sports blogs, and you will see a place--for the sake of brevity, let's not draw out the differentiations between tangible places and e-places--where the readers participate almost as much as the blogger. To be sure, the blogger has the most responsibility, to create and disseminate content that will be appealing to the first-time and the repeat reader. But writers are, one more universal definition, vain creatures. It's not the recording of one's thoughts that is the vain act, it's the sharing. And we wouldn't be doing this if nobody were reading. If a blogger posts and nobody reads it do they make a sound?
    It is exactly the kind of community Sunil talks about that we are growing here at Stampede Blue. Me simply writing what I think all the time is meaningless and boring. Those diaries to the right are as much apart of the frontpage of this site as my "stories" are.

    Please go to Canal Street Chronicles and welcome Sunil. Remember, the Colts face the Saints Week One on Thursday Night!

  • Speaking of diaries, JakeTheSnake has created an absolutely hilarious one titled Know Your Colts History. Here's a sneak peek at JakeTheSnake's brilliance:
    Yo, we made the PLAYOFFS, biatches!