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I now have people who will bash Joe Theismann for me

  • More disrespect, courtesy of Joe "MY LEG!" Thiesmann and Fox's Best Damn Sports Show Period. Tips to Bullard47 and MarkV0327 in the diaries for some nice finds. WCG over at Windy City Gridiron sent me an email a few days ago, suggesting that I tear the Joey T. article a new one. This time around, I'll leave it to Bullard47. Apparently, Joey thinks both the Patriots and the Chargers are better than the Colts. Bullard47 thinks that such an opinion is a tad silly:
    I mean really, we let VETERAN players go away, so we are automatically retarded.  So apparently the Colts defense that owned the postseason is going to be worse off with the biggest playmakers (Hayden and Jackson) coming in as starters this season, oh, and Bob Sanders being healthy and ready to go at the start of the season. Who's Bob Sanders? The only legitimate knock is maybe not finding a first-class running mate for Addai, but only time will tell if one of these guys pop out of training camp with a chip on their shoulder and prove themselves on this level.

    But that only makes us incrementally better than the Broncos.  That's because Mike Shanahan is an offensive genius again, somehow, and their offense is "balanced".  Doesn't even mention that Denver now has one of the best CB tandems in football in Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly.  Oh well, if they're not LT, Donte Stallworth, or Randy Moss, they aren't worth mentioning in Joe Theismann's world.
  • Looks like we have roughly ten people interested in a Stampede Blue Fantasy Football league this year. I'm a commissioner for the SB Nation writers FFL. So, I'll try and knock out my initial responsibilities for that before diving into Stampede Blue's FFL. I'm starting to like CBS sportsline, but I get the feeling Yahoo might be the easiest way to go.
  • Nice article on Rob Morris, who is now the fulltime starter at the SAM linebacker position. I have always been a Morris fan, always pulled for him. That season was such a happy endind for the team and especially for Rob. He was the goat for that defesne in the eyes of fans for years. Last year, he (along with Bob Sanders) made it dominant in the playoffs. If I were Rob, I'd make each and every fan who criticized me stand in line, bend down, and kiss my... Super Bowl ring. :)
  • IU's Coach Hoeppner remembered.
  • JakeTheSnake has agreed to do a Know Your Colts History every other week. If others here want to do weekly features, send me an email and let me know your idea. I'll feature anything on the site that's cool, especially is it is re-occurring.