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AFC South Roundtable: The Houston Texans and Matt Schaub

Is THIS the face of Houston's future?
This is the first installment of the AFC South Roundtable. Many of our NFL bloggers have started roundtables to review their division rivals' off-seasons, make predictions about 2007, and basically fill the time between that end of OTAs and the beginning of training camp (5 weeks ago, baby!). For the AFC, we decided to do something different. Each of us will write-up an overview of one AFC South team. I was given the task to talk about those boys in Battle Red: The Houston Texans. Rather than do some boring breakdown of the offense, defense, and special teams, I'll do what any conceited, arrogant blogger (like myself) would do: I'll ask and answer my own questions about the team.

Is Matt Schaub the answer at quarterback?

I don't think there is any debate that the Atlanta Falcons made a huge mistake trading away Matt Schaub. Rumors say he was a "threat" to Michael Vick. Whenever I hear stuff like this, I wonder, How come? If Vick is better than Schaub, he's got nothing to worry about. If he isn't, then yes, Schaub is a threat. Therefore, Atlanta trading Schaub all but proves that he is better than Michael Vick. Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who gave Michael Vick his current untradable contract, is indeed a moron of epic proportions, and I wouldn't trust him to wash my car let alone own a team I pay to see.

Oh wait, we're talking about the Texans, not the Falcons.

The Texans acquired Schaub in the trade with Atlanta, gave him a nice new contract, and then kicked their former-franchise QB, and #1 overall pick in 2002, David Carr to the curb. I know Texans fans are tired of hearing this, but sometimes the truth hurts: David Carr is a fine QB, and Matt Schaub is not an upgrade over Carr. Yes, I agree with Trent Dilfer. Call me crazy. Call me silly. Call me Al. I've watched several Texans games, and every time I've watched I've marveled at just how well Carr played despite the fact that his coaches were morons and his offensive line couldn't block Rose O'Donnell and the cast of The View if they were in pads (scary thought).

Like all skill positions, QBs must have talent around them to grow and succeed. Carr never had that. Hell, he didn't even have decent talent. It was all pretty much just suck-a-rific bad. Peyton Manning would not be the football god he is today without having Tarik Glenn as his left tackle, Marvin Harrison as his WR, and Tom Moore as his offensive coordinator for his entire career. Glenn and Harrison are HoFers. Moore is the best OC in football, and has been for many years. Manning also had the luxury of having guys like C Jeff Saturday, WR Reggie Wayne. TE Marcus Pollard, and RB Edgerrin James for most of his career. David Carr never had those things, and Matt Schaub doesn't have them now.

Schaub is living off a reputation built up by his performance in one game which he lost. Schaub's 3 TD performance against a decimated Patriots team is pretty much all Schaub has done in his three seasons in the NFL. Other than that, Schaub ain't done squat. And the sad part is, this STILL makes him better than Vick.

All that said, Schaub might work out as an improvement just because he's a new face, a symbol that times are changing. Yes, that is indeed pathetic, but what else can you say for a franchise that has never won more than 8 games in one season. Schaub is throwing to the same over-rated group of receivers Carr did. His offensive line is still bad. Like Carr, Schaub will likely not have a consistent running game. Free agent acquisition Ahman Green is done, and it's obvious. So, unless they can get some talent around him, Schaub is doomed to the same fate Carr was. David Carr has since ended up in Carolina as a back-up to Jake Delhomme. It's rumored Carr could supplant Delhomme as the starter if he has a good training camp. Oh, did I mention Carolina plays host to Houston September 16th?

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